Youth Football Periodisation

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During this webinar on ‘Youth Football Periodisation’, Raymond Verheijen will give an insight in his contribution in the development of one of the best youth academies in world football: the Feyenoord Academy. Between 2006 and 2009, Verheijen introduced the principles of Football Periodisation in the Feyenoord Academy.

In Dutch football, the Feyenoord Academy has been voted ‘Best Academy’ for the last five seasons. During last summer’s World Cup 2014 in Brazil, this Dutch talent factory also received international recognition for delivering most World Cup players. During Holland’s 3rd place game, a total of nine (former) Feyenoord players were fielded in the 3-0 win against Brazil.

By joining this webinar you will learn about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Training better instead of more
  • Youth coaches becoming experts in age characteristics
  • The importance of Under 16 and Under 18
  • How to develop periodisation on team and individual level

Raymond VerheijenRaymond Verheijen is the leader in football periodisation. Ever since 2000, Verheijen has been involved in every World Cup and Euro. Earlier this year his new book ‘The Original Guide to Football Periodisation’ was published.

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34 reviews for Youth Football Periodisation

  1. Bill Daues

    Well done Raymond – thought provoking and logical information. Looking forward to your 1 day seminar at the NSCAA Convention.

  2. John Floros

    Very informative webinar today on Football Periodisation

  3. Jamie Harvey

    Great webinar on youth football periodization by @raymondverheije and @WorldFootballAc. Very interesting!

  4. Matt Thomas

    Fantastic webinar on Football Periodisation by @raymondverheije #WFA great insight thank you! #Football #OpenMind

  5. Mark Snell

    Excellent webinar by @WFA_USA @raymondverheije on Youth Academy Periodisation #logical

  6. Marcelo Padilha (verified owner)

    Very satisfied after watch this webinar. Ty for this! Hope you guys continue!

  7. Hugo Langton

    First class webinar and information from @raymondverheije and the WFA on youth periodisation, looking forward to future ones

  8. Mick McDermott (verified owner)

    Informative + practical Webinar on ‘Youth Periodisation’. Good info from @WFA_NL + @raymondverheije More webinars to follow!

  9. Alan Moir (verified owner)

    Very interesting and informative Webinar with @raymondverheije and @WorldFootballAc on Periodisation in Youth Football. Thanks

  10. Chuck Bales

    Very informative and detailed @WFA_USA Webinar: Youth Football Periodisation – Feyenoord Academy case study today. #Logical #Rational

  11. Bartek Kowalewski (verified owner)

    Smart solutions delivered by @raymondverheije via #WFAWebinar Youth Periodisation: Feyenoord Case Study

  12. Dave Livermore

    Excellent webinar today with @raymondverheije on youth football periodisation. Great insight and very informative!!

  13. Dave Steele

    Really enjoyed today’s webinar with @raymondverheije. Some really interesting insights into training periodization at Feyenoord.

  14. Micky Riddell (verified owner)

    Cracking Webinar from @raymondverheije – providing clarity and simplicity. Highly recommended.

  15. Philip Connolly

    Great webinar tonight on the Youth Periodisation model set up at @Feyenoord_int Academy with @raymondverheije and @WorldFootballAc

  16. Annick

    Enjoyed the webinar with @WorldFootballAc and @raymondverheije on youth football periodisation

  17. Piotr Morawski (verified owner)

    Ufff. Very well time spend. #raisingthebar with #raymondverheije and #worldfootballacademy Till next time definetly!

  18. Calvin Deutsch

    Thanks @raymondverheije and @WorldFootballAc for a great periodisation primer today.

  19. Dave Waters

    Thanks for the insightful webinar. The format worked really well and provided great insight into an excellent, proven youth development approach.

  20. Mark Hunter (verified owner)

    Just listened to the webinar, fantastic!!!!

  21. Johanna Sjögren (verified owner)

    Great way to start the day! Morning webinar with @raymondverheije about youth periodisation. Inspiring!

  22. Mario Despotović (verified owner)

    Great…again a lot of questions answered.

  23. Jimmy Högberg

    Biggest thanx @raymondverheije for today’s top class football lesson on Periodisation in youth football.

  24. Mehboob Wajoodeen (verified owner)

    Fantastic webinar delivered by @raymondverheije Undoubtedly the best in the business! Thank you!!

  25. derek lennon (verified owner)

    Thanks for excellent webinar on football conditioning @raymondverheije to add to book and conference. From Churchie Football, Brisbane Australia

  26. Akusti Salonen (verified owner)

    A great webinar @raymondverheije @WorldFootballAc Thanks!

  27. Olli Orvasto (verified owner)

    Thanks for the good seminar! Lots of thinking about topics.

  28. Andy Driscoll (verified owner)

    Good to listen again to somebody that knows about football fitness .

  29. Mark Atkinson

    informative webinar thanks

  30. carey baird

    Great webinar, Raymond! Thanks for all the info. Keep it coming!!

  31. Michael Mcardle (verified owner)

    Excellent learning from @raymondverheije and @WFA_NL today. Another insight into periodisation and @varkenoord

  32. Marcus Ellison (verified owner)

    Great @WorldFootballAc webinar @raymondverheije! Built really well on the conference I attended with you and the book that I’m reading.

  33. Douglas Rathbone (verified owner)

    A great webinar presented by @raymondverheije and @WorldFootballAc on Youth Periodization using Feyenoord case study.

  34. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent subject and best academy in Europe to review.


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