Minimize injuries, Maximize player performance 1

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This course was originally recorded as a webinar on the 30th of September 2015.




Minimize injuries, Maximize player performance
USA Seminar Series ‘Youth Football Periodisation’

This seminar is the first of a 7-part series about ‘Youth Football Periodisation’.
[20-minutes presentation & 20-minutes Q&A session by Raymond Verheijen]

One of the topics is: ‘Better Training instead of More Training’. “Traditionally in football people think, that if you want to improve you will have to work harder. But if you analyze the characteristics of the game, you will see that football is predominantly a speed of action sport. And consequently in football training it is about quality over quantity.”

Another topic that we will cover is the fact that accummulation of fatigue is the worst enemy of football players with respect to injuries, and in particular ACL-injuries.

We hope you will join us in our mission to allow all soccer players in the US to fulfill his or her full potential!

Raymond VerheijenWorld Football Academy founder Raymond Verheijen will lead this webinar. Verheijen is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert and educator in soccer periodisation. The series of World Football Academy youth periodisation seminars is designed to help coaches maximize player potential and performance, while minimizing injury risk as much as possible.

Ever since 2000, Verheijen has been involved in every World Cup and Euro. Earlier this year his new book ‘The Original Guide to Football Periodisation’ was published.

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