The Original Guide to Football Periodisation | Part 1

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The must have book for football coaches, technical and medical staff who want to play with their strongest team!


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For the first time, the periodisation of football is described in football language. Based on an objective and universal football philosophy, the football periodisation has been developed for coaches in professional, amateur and youth football. Coaches will be able to play and train with their strongest team more often.

This concept was further developed by theorizing the football practice at the level of the World Cup, European Championships, the Champions League, the Premier League, the Youth Academy and amateur football in both the men’s and women’s game. In particular, the feedback from top coaches including Frank Rijkaard, Johan Neeskens, Louis van Gaal, Ruud Krol, Guus Hiddink, Pim Verbeek, Dick Advocaat, Marco van Basten and Vera Pauw played an important role.

In football, teams often play one or two games a week. So, the game is always the starting point for developing any team periodisation. The coach adjusts the demands placed on the players in training, with respect to the football tactical, technical and conditioning sessions, to enhance the game performance. This book introduces a periodisation model that the coaches at all levels can use, to develop the football performance of players and to prevent injuries throughout the season.

All principles, guidelines and recommendations in this book are explained with practical examples of periodisation plans at 1st team and youth level, for both professional and amateur football. In addition, the coach is given suggestions how to overcome obstacles that are encountered daily. Periodisation actually means continually reacting to changing circumstances in order to achieve the original objective.

This book about football periodisation has become a book about football itself. Based on a clear football philosophy, the practical experiences of Raymond Verheijen and a large number of top coaches have been theorized and put on paper in a clear and structured way for coaches at all levels.

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67 reviews for The Original Guide to Football Periodisation | Part 1

  1. hawk84 (verified owner)

    Great book for the coaches at all levels. It gives you another path of working in football with great ideas!

  2. Rossi (verified owner)

    A must read for all Football Coaches to build on knowledge. Very well explained in simple language and something that can be transferred onto the training pitch.

  3. Mifsisco (verified owner)

    This book is a must have in your Coaching Library. Well detailed and planned. Looking forward for Part 2, when available!

  4. Per Brynolfsson (verified owner)

    A great book! Very inspirational and easy to understand. It is not only appliable on football but on most sports that resemble the physical demands of football.

  5. Michal Baunski (verified owner)

    Logical book. Well done!

  6. Paul Ricken (verified owner)

    Great useful book. Understandable and accessible. Hope next book will be more focussed on amateur football. Looking out for that. And also like to see some football excercises combinated with periodisation cycle. Keep up the great work.

  7. tamaz (verified owner)

    Great book, very useful and simple to read!

  8. Tomislav (verified owner)

    Great book, very usefull and simple to read!

  9. Ian (verified owner)

    A great insight into periodisation and provides a useful resource for planning the structures of training.

    Really helps root conditioning for football to be football specific.

  10. Andries (verified owner)

    I feel completely competent in the area of periodisation. It was the most comprehensive football conditioning book I have ever come across. Thank you to Raymond for the hard work and pioneering spirit to release the book. We need more coaches willing to share there knowledge.

  11. Diogo (verified owner)

    I really appreciate this football structure made by Raymond on this gifted book. It makes total sense to periodize a season thinking on the quality of the game, on the gradual building up of each player, the team.

    It’s a essencial book for all the coaches in the world to give to the players a quality career and to the fans guaranteed spectacles all over the season.

    My gratitude to all the work Raymond and the entire time are doing around the world and for me to have this opportunity to get in touch with him.

    ‘The players deserve better coaches”, I’m in.
    Greetings, Diogo Melo

  12. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Very professional!

    I´ve been a fitness coach for 20 years and been waiting for a book like this. It really helps me to be on an another level as a coach. I´m pleased with my purchase and are looking forward for the next set of books and educations.

    As a fitness coach and personal trainer it is very important to give the best programs for strength for footballers.

    /Sebastian Krzemnski
    FC Rosengård (Men Division 1)

  13. Fábio Nunes Ferreira (verified owner)

    Great book so far!

  14. Werner (verified owner)

    Read the book already 6 times. A must read for every football coach!

  15. João (verified owner)

    Awesome book. The use of objective language makes it easier for everyone to understand it, and that’s what I like the most about this book. The fact that it discovers the problems of footbal first and only then it seeks the help of the Physiology and so on is the complete opposite of the phylosophy used in every football course! Why do they keep doing it this way if it makes it harder for everyone to understand what they mean?

    Congrats Raymond, can’t wait for Part 2!

  16. Steve Duncan (verified owner)

    This book is a fantastic source for anyone who plans to do the FFA Senior ‘C’ License Coach course here in Australia. I strongly recommend this book to all coaches that are serious about football conditioning and injury prevention. It is well written and easy to follow. I have re-read it 3 times & often refer back to it.

  17. Edwin (verified owner)

    Such a great book! Opened my mind to new ideas and developments in the world of football. Recommended 100% to all coaches willing to learn!

  18. Charles (verified owner)

    Great Book. Highly recommended to those serious coaches.

  19. Charles (verified owner)

    Great Book which I recommend to every football coach especially those serious dedicated coaches that are willing to grow. This book will help you to construct and build up your session with a purpose and upon a long term plan. Highly recommended.

  20. ghayath (verified owner)

    Great book for coaches; does not matter if your experienced or just starting out, this book is a must have.

  21. Akin (verified owner)

    Great book which I learned further content from the Basic Periodisation course.

  22. Ben (verified owner)

    good book so far

  23. Riku (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed about the structural way to bring out football facts about the football conditioning.

    Can’t wait until Part II is out.

  24. Ivan (verified owner)

    It explains football in the easiest way possible, considering how hard this is. A must read for coaches!

  25. Mauri (verified owner)

    A great book. It talk about football.

  26. Christian

    I’ve just received the Football Periodisation Part 1 that I ordered. I just want to tell you that it’s an excellent book and I’m learning a lot

  27. Theodoros

    Bought it about 2 months ago and already read it. I wiil read again more carefully and i can say until this point that it is a well written book, very organised and with great strategy that takes you step by step to the true meaning. Excellent work, very educational. Spread it world wide!

  28. Magnus (verified owner)

    The layout of the book is great, educational buildup and explain concepts in a simple way.
    This is on my Top 3 list of football literature.
    I really recommend this book to all coaches that are involved in soccer.

  29. Magnus (verified owner)

    Great book! I’m looking forward to use the content ahead. Thanks for the knowledge and the inspiration Raymond.

  30. Mourad Djebarra (verified owner)

    Excellent book and easy to read .
    A must for every coach as this book closed the gap between the science side and the art of coaching. Good thinking and good on you Mr Raymond.I can not wait the second volume.

  31. Mario (verified owner)

    Easily the best book there is in terms of education! Football fitness in layman’s term.

  32. David Dale (verified owner)

    A fantastic book and well worth the outlay. My U15 are following the programme and have recently completed the first 6 week block. After reading this and ‘How Simple Can It be’ then it just made so much sense. The practical application needs to be thought through to make it specific to your team but the football language and always in a football context won it for me.

  33. Rodney Bugeja (verified owner)

    great book!

    revolutionised my training sessions!

    Using this book its much easier to work on fitness training while still using football training.. Its also made it easier to explain what I want from my players.

    One problem is that it doesn’t take into consideration if you don’t have a full pitch to train on

  34. Moto (verified owner)

    I’m halfway through reading though,this book seems valuable so far.
    Football conditioning is one of the problems I’m facing with.
    When I finish reading this,I would have a better idea of football coaching.

  35. Constantinos (verified owner)

    Being a coach, I always wanted to know about fitness. Thus, I bought many books regarding fitness, books that included complex terms and General fitness theory. The problem is that none of those books ever mapped the General fitness theory onto the Football Axis. That is, explaining with Football Language what is actually Football Fitness and how to implement it. Mr. Verheijen’s book “Football Periodisation” clearly DEFINES Football Fitness in Football terms and explains how it can be improved. The book has excellent structure, uses clear, I repeat, clear language to explaing everything. Thank you Mr. Verheijen for all the Information that you have shared with us. Looking forward to Part II.

  36. Antoni (verified owner)

    This book offers a completely update of football thinking, from a real-coaching perspective. Based on science and experience. Raymond’s method possibilities coaches to build the team from his own football phylosophy because the football principles and actions are the foundation of the method. Congratulations and thanks Raymond for a fantastic inspiration!

  37. Hans Soepnel (verified owner)

    Great book: a must read for all coaches (no matter what sport you’re in).

  38. Cory Sims (verified owner)

    A fantastic resource. Very clearly written and easily applicable. As both a sport coach and a physical preparation coach I appreciate the universal language used to describe football conditioning concepts. This removes guesswork and creates a platform of understanding between an entire staff. I appreciate that this book is rooted in science but is not so rigid as to lose touch with the game itself, it strikes a perfect balance between the science and art of coaching.

  39. Eero (verified owner)

    A book that every one working with footballers should read. “The book” of football conditioning. Wery well written and easy to read and understand. Raymonds way to write and describe things in “football-language” is very inspiring, especially for an ex-player as myself.

    I work as a physio and will start working with a local team here in Finland next season. This book gives me the best tools to plan and execute conditioning for the team for the whole season.

    Looking forward for Part 2…

  40. Fridolin Zinke (verified owner)

    Awesome book when it comes to periodisation. Never read something in this form before. Logical structure from the beginning up to the end. Looking forward to the second Part.

  41. Jacob Morrison (verified owner)

    Incredible resource for coaches looking to increase their knowledge on periodisation methods. It is a great introduction, specifically on how it can be applied to football. Filled with detailed information and context to fit a lot of environments, it is very well constructed.
    Cannot wait for Part 2!

  42. Nefta Gonzalez (verified owner)

    A must-read for all football coaches and support staff. Lays out a clear philosophy, describes a logical methodology and offers a practical structure that can be applied to any level of football. This is not a ‘paint-by-numbers’ program that you should follow step by step and expect miraculous results; the key is to use the structure and philosophy as the starting points from which coaching decisions are made relevant to YOUR environment! Overall, a great balance of theory, (simplified) science and practical application!

  43. Josef Zalabak (verified owner)

    Very useful book! Collated information from his lectures with comments and much more…! Finally.

  44. Annicm

    Fantastic reading and learning experience for every coach.

  45. Sinisa Ninkovic (verified owner)

    The book is exceptional example on how to maximize performance of your team taking full responsibilities over all relevant aspects.
    Highly recommended.

  46. Alen Vukobrad (verified owner)

    In last 10 years I visited some of the best academies in Europe ( Ajax, Benfica, Southampton, FC Barcelona, Bayern…) and can tell how most of them have similar program. Those programs are very close to work of coach Raymond. One great thing, in book we can find a lot of small important details.

  47. Zoran Spisljak (verified owner)

    Hi I am involved in football on profetional level in Hungary, I personaly met Raymond Verheijen in Wales 2010. After the presentation on “Football Periodisation” held by Raymond my players are becoming better footballers every day. “Football Periodisation” is about how to offer the best football training and protect players from injuries. I really recommend the book for everyone who is involved in football. To Raymond and everyone who worked on this book: thanks very much.
    Zoran Spisljak
    Elore 1912 fc manager

  48. Joel MacDonald (verified owner)

    Ordered on a Monday, arrived on Thursday! A modern and refreshing look at conditioning for those of us who were raised in coaching education to believe that you DO NOT play your way to fitness. Verheijen shows this to be old school and that the best thing we can do in team sport today is approach its training holistically and non-linearly – all things, all the time.

  49. Human Afazeli (verified owner)

    I have been involved on international football for about 14 to 15 years and I rate the book as a very good one to read. It covers a vision of conditioning and periodization in football which has progressive followers every. I recommend to every soccer coach to read it and also I hope to get the second book as soon as it is out in English.

  50. Jack Friend (verified owner)

    A logical concept in a well presented book. The information is extremely useful and educates the coach in how to apply the knowledge to whatever level of football they are involved in. I cannot recommend it highly enough

  51. Vitor Marreco Gouveia (verified owner)

    Very interesting and original approach to soccer training methodology. The author as the credit of stablishing a logical and coherent line of thought making easier the demand of understanding soccer training! The soccer language is simple and objective! I strongly Recommend it!

  52. francesco pozzan (verified owner)

    one of the best book about football I have ever read.
    It gave me a new point of view on coaching and I highly recommend it to all coaches

  53. Matjaz Jakopic (verified owner)

    It is the great book . I will recommend this book to any coach. It is bestseller book in football world. Congratulations. We all need more books like this one.

  54. Aleksandar Bozenko (verified owner)

    “Football Periodisation” by Raymond Verheijen is a fantastic book for every football coach.
    The “Football Periodisation” is about how to offer the best football fitness training (stimuli). Programming is brilliant and has perfect foundation:
    • The starting point of football conditioning is analyzing of universal fundamental characteristics of football game
    • At a higher level of play the players have a less space/time for actions. Therefore, a higher speed of actions is the main characteristic
    • Better attacking, better defending, better transition…
    • During the football conditioning games players develop football fitness but also decision making and execution. So space and time must be realistic
    • Fitness is intensity dependent, not time dependent
    • In football the real coaches should be lifelong students of the game
    • Periodisation means every training/game with strongest team
    • Football conditioning requires “common sense” instead of “common science”
    Thanks Raymond and Bravo!

  55. Joe Passmore (verified owner)

    It is first class. I am using it as a guide for gaelic games rather than soccer, the information is applicable and adaptable to the performance information I have. It is first class and and extremely useful, entire areas of periodized training broken down and brilliantly explained.

  56. vagelis (verified owner)

    beautiful job…..
    it’s very important for coaches

  57. Tomasz Wilczak (verified owner)

    Long awaited book.

  58. Daniel Wright (verified owner)

    I’ve been reading @raymondverheije’s book on periodisation and its blown my mind a bit.

  59. Vincenzo Ierardo

    Loving the book. Already at my peak of learning and now in #overload #learning #verheijen #loveit

  60. Gregory Cordeiro

    Just received the Periodisation book now, bestseller material for sure! Thanks to the team down in Cape Town for making it possible.

  61. Frank Rizzo (verified owner)

    Re-reading chapter one of @raymondverheije Football Periodisation. In my opinion the most important chapter of the book.

  62. Hanne Hiensch (verified owner)

    Hello from Greece!
    Everything fine with the order. For me this book is a powerful tool!
    Answers in best way every question.

  63. Frank Rizzo (verified owner)

    Great book from a great knowledge. I use many of RVs philosophy from a physical trainer and physiotherapist perspective.

    I really recommend the book for everyone that are involved with football, if their are in doubt, they don’t want to learn.

  64. Lieven De Veirman

    This book is the original guide in the sense that it takes football and football conditioning training back to its fundamentals. As well as a step-to-step plan it is most importantly a guide of how to approach football (or any other sport for that matter) in the most logical way. Start with the game as a reference, create a clear structure and language and develop exercises to enhance the performance of your players.

    I would highly recommend this book to any coach, staff member and player of the fantastic game called football.

    Train smarter and at a higher intensity!

  65. Mick McDermott

    A must-read for all football coaches and support staff. Lays out a clear philosophy, describes a logical methodology and offers a practical structure that can be applied to any level of football. This is not a ‘paint-by-numbers’ program that you should follow step by step and expect miraculous results; the key is to use the structure and philosophy as the starting points from which coaching decisions are made relevant to YOUR environment! Overall, a great balance of theory, (simplified) science and practical application!

  66. Peter Loffeld

    A fantastic book. The very structured build up makes it very easy to understand. Football knowledge made accessible for every coach. With this book you can easily plan your season and get a fit team. My only question would be why the auteur uses different words for technique.
    In all a absolute must for every serious football coach.

  67. Cvetan Ivanov

    Hard glossy cover, good feel when holding it. Inside coloured pages with lots of diagrams and examples.

    Inspirational, logical and well structured book.

    Great content, easy read!

    Best book I’ve read so far.

    Would recommend it to anyone at any level and sport as it has an Universal message.


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