30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Last Revised: August 15, 2014

Return Policy

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

We strive to maintain excellent customer service and satisfaction, including a guarantee of (offline) items as it’s described on our websites. You’re eligible for a refund within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase due to an error on the WFA’s part or if the item doesn’t arrive.
Please see below for information on how to initiate a return through your WFA Webshops account.


You’re eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, including original shipping costs, if your return is the result of an error on the seller’s part. If you receive the incorrect item or if it arrives damaged, you’ll also be refunded return shipping equal to the original charge. To receive a refund, you must return your item directly to the WFA within 30 days of the estimated delivery date and in the same condition you received it in.

You’re eligible for a full refund of the purchase price, including shipping costs, if your item hasn’t arrived 8 days past the estimated delivery date, up until 30 days past. (For example, when the estimated delivery date is November 1st, the return can be initiated between November 8th and December 1st.) If WFA provides tracking information indicating the item has arrived, the return is void.
In cases where the book is returned to the seller for any of the following reasons, the refund price includes item price only: incomplete address, unclaimed, returned to sender, or similar. 

In principle we unfortunately cannot accept returns if you’ve changed your mind about a bought item. We recommend contacting us directly before initiating a return, as the return will be cancelled. If there is another reason for us to accept your request, and if the item is returned in the same condition you received it in, you’ll be refunded the price of the item (not including original or return shipping charges and payment service provider charges). Please do not ship the book until you’ve received confirmation from the WFA.

In principle WFA does not give partial refunds on a single item or package deal. If you have ordered a package deal and you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason but still wish to keep the item(s), please contact us to discuss this. Please note that while you may request a partial refund, the WFA is not obligated to provide one and, depending on your reason for the request, may prefer that you return the item for a full refund instead.

How to initiate a return:

To initiate a return we recommend that you use a trackable method of shipment; if the item doesn’t arrive and tracking isn’t provided, the refund will be cancelled.  Please do not ship the item until you’ve received confirmation from the WFA.
Your refund will be processed to your account within two weeks once the WFA receives the item back.

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