Principles of Football Braining

This course was originally recorded as a webinar.


Football Psychology in Football Language

To further develop their coaching skills, coaches are constantly looking for psychological knowledge as every football coach has to deal with the psychological component in football on a daily basis.

Winning football games and stretching boundaries in football training means players must be able to cope with unpredictable and uncomfortable situations. Conceding a goal, taking the decisive penalty or dealing with extreme fatigue: these are all uncomfortable situations in which players have to stay comfortable. Are players able to stay focussed on their task or will they be distracted by these external factors?

Psychology has a lot to offer to football coaches to develop the above mentioned abilities within their players. However, psychology is traditionally defined in general catch-all words like ‘confidence’ and ‘mental toughness’. This non-contextual language often results in non-contextual solutions and exercises which have no meaning to football players and coaches.

During this webinar (recorded on Wednesday 21 January 2015), Raymond Verheijen will introduce the principles of Football Braining. In this concept, psychology is defined in football language allowing psychological principles to be applied in football exercises. This football specific psychology concept has been developed by Verheijen in exactly the same football specific way he developed the football physiology concept (Football Periodisation).

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  • 66 minutes
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