Pre-Season Periodisation

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Manchester United case study

January and February are pre-season months in many parts of the world like Japan, Australia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the USA. In most other countries, teams prepare for the second part of the season.

During this course about ‘Pre-season Periodisation’ you will learn how to apply the principles of football periodisation in preparation for the (re-)start of the season. You will learn how to develop a top fit team without injuries, presented by Raymond Verheijen.

By joining this course you will learn about a variety of topics, such as:

  • The benefits of pre-season periodisation for the head coach
  • Pre-season periodisation: professional vs amateur football
  • The periodisation of a 12 week pre-season
  • The periodisation of a 2 week pre-season
  • The periodisation of pre-season after a short off-season
  • Double sessions during pre-season?
  • How to determine the football fitness zero point of players?
  • How to plan midweek games in pre-season?
  • Differences between the 6 week cycle and the 3 week cycle in pre-season?
  • Why Football Sprints with Minimum Rest before FSmaxRest in pre-season?
  • How to regain freshness of players during pre-season?
  • Taking over a team with an extensive playing style last season
  • Taking over a team with a high injury rate last season
  • Scientific proof for the gradual approach developing long term fitness

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  1. Pretty Basic - Not enough details or practical examples


    A lot of useful theory but not enough details on implementation. Case study was good to highlight how not to do something but didn’t give practical examples of how to do in the correct way…

  2. Great Start to a New Season


    Like all of Coach Verheijen’s material, I spent more time writing questions about my own situation, than copying his material. Thank you for encouraging coaches to “think outside the box”, and develop my own style. I am really enjoying my coaching journey as a result these course and print materials.

  3. Excellent


    As a coach, I want the best for my players and be the best coach that I can be therefore this course was insightful, and very practical. It built on the knowledge that I had learnt from my coach education who follow and teach Raymond’s football periodisation principles

  4. 5

    Excellent webinar extremely informative, cant wait to put it in practice!!

  5. great stuff from


    what a webinar !!

  6. 5

    very insightful and adaptable to amateur game

  7. Pre-Season Periodisation


    Very helpful and insightful information

  • 100 minutes
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