Player Development

This course has especially been developed for parents who wish to support the best environment for youth club development in the USA.


Minimize Injuries, Maximize Performance

In order to give your kids the best opportunity to succeed in soccer, sport and life it is crucial that parents play their key role in supporting coaches who are trying to make the best decisions for your kids. The most important first step, is the step you have just taken, entering this course!

If you, the parents understand some of the most important factors that create injuries and some of the solutions that help prevent them injury, this will help us all work to avoid them.

We hope that you will support your coaches as they continue their coach education with us. If we all work together – the coaches, the players, the parents and the World Football Academy, then we believe that we can raise the bar of football in the US from the grassroots to the top of the game and give your children the safest possible environment in which they can enjoy and succeed in this fantastic sport.


Learn basic Player Development online with WFA. After studying this course you will:

  • Be able to better support your child(ren) in succeeding in soccer;
  • Understand the risks of injuries and minimizing them;
  • Be able to better support coaches in creating the best environment for your child(ren).

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  1. Safe Player Development


    As a parent of 3 boys with our oldest son (8) in his 3rd year of soccer and our middle son (6) just starting out, I found this presentation informative and useful. I really liked the part on quality of practices versus quantity. I would like to see more age specific info broken out for some of the data.

  2. Good Insights into Player Development


    Very interesting and informative. With increased specialization in sports at younger and younger ages these days, it would also have been interesting to hear a little perspective on the effect of multiple-sport vs. soccer-specific training (for those of us with young athletes who love soccer but love to play other sports too). Obviously, emphasis on quality over quantity would appear to open the door to pursuing other sports, but it would have been interesting to hear WFA’s opinion whether such cross-training could actually be affirmatively beneficial, e.g., from increased fitness (though-not soccer specific), lower burn-out, greater versatility, etc.

  3. Player Development


    Very informative. Thank you!

  4. Good Information


    This is very interesting and helpful information. Thank you for creating this tool.

  5. Excellent


    An excellent presentation and overview of the fundamental principles of player development. Goed gedaan!

  6. Paradigm Shifting Course



    A strong presentation! (I had the opportunity to see you present this in person in Bellevue, Washington, as well.)

    Your course forces a shift in our soccer fitness training paradigm that is counter to everything we “thought we knew,” yet seems so obvious once you explain it.

    One thing I found useful in the live presentation that was absent from the videos was a contrast between sports that allow athletes to perform at less than maximum capacity for long periods of time and soccer, which requires players to repeatedly perform at maximum capacity over the course of a match.

    Thank you for helping us become better coaches for the benefit of our players!

  7. Excellent Course


    Raymond and Tim,
    Thank you for putting this course together. Very good information for parents and new coaches on the topic of how to prevent injuries. I would recommend that many more clubs watch this. Thank you!

  8. Changing perception on how to improve


    Great information about training smarter and not harder to achieve the best success for the individual and the team. Interesting relationship regarding incorrect training method and injury. Physical fatigue need to be closely monitored.

    Actual training video showing smarter/more quality training instead of quantity training would be helpful.

  9. Very informative


    Very easy to follow along and to understand. Great resource for parents to learn what is best for their children.

    I would add footnotes of scientific studies for the information on slower nervous system with fatigue and slow/fast twitch muscle fiber information.

  10. Excellent Information


    Very interesting and left me wanting to know more. Thank you.

  11. Simply Excellent


    Very informative and relevant. Explained in a simplified method and easily understood.

    Many thanks for this course!!!

  12. Very nice


    Raymond and Tim,

    Very well spoken. Easy to follow. I thought it was concise and well put together.

    I would add an exit video to thank people for joining.

    Nice work!

  13. Great Work!


    Hi Raymond and Tim,

    Thank you for putting this together! I’d like more parents to access this information. Hope to see you in Seattle again! Kind Regards, Ozzy

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