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The World Football Academy is world’s leading independent education institute for coaches, staff and players. As a major knowledge provider to several FA’s and clubs around the world, the WFA is the prime contractor for thousands of football specialists.

The WFA has a long tradition of football leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes organizing courses, international conferences; publishing books and videos; continuously developing all related areas of expertise; presenting ground-breaking studies by scientific research; and providing tailor-made consultancy.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, WFA services over 2.000 football specialists in over 40 countries per year.

More info about the World Football Academy can be found here.

The WFA was originally founded by Raymond Verheijen as ‘Dutch Football Academy’ in 2009. Building on the success of this Academy and it’s football specific approach in the subsequent years other Academies were founded in the UK (2010), South Africa (2011), Japan (2012), USA (2013), Scandinavia (2014) and Portugal (2015).

Due to the many requests the WFA started online courses to serve more coaches worldwide. Click here to view are current catalogue of elearning courses.

After participating in one of the WFA courses delegates receive official WFA certificates stating they have accomplished all requirements of the specific course. As all certificates are registered, delegates can join follow-up courses in other countries.

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At the WFA, the learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in practice. To ensure this, we base our training on learning principles that optimise behaviour and improve performance.
The learning effect also heavily relies on how messages are delivered and if they are deemed trustworthy by the receiver. This is why we strongly believe that people working in the operation needs to be trained by instructors that have operational experience and hence knows the reality of a coach or a football working environment. Our instructors have an operational background.
All our instructors are trained to base their courses on the WFA's philosophy: "Football is a universal game, where one speaks football language". No subjective opinions to be debated, but objectivity is the key to raise the bar. No communication disorders, but clarity for coach and staff. Instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver “a better learning experience” for our customers. We train to improve safety and performance excellence in the operations of our customers.
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